Our passion for cacao and our will to restore Liberia's economy inspires us daily.

It's a story of unbelievable hardship, courage, horror, inspiration, and hope.

After nearly two decades of civil war, ending in 2003, Liberia lost 250,000 lives and had 150,000 former child soldiers looking for a way to reengage in society. Cocoa farming, once an economic engine and critical source of employment in this impoverished West African country, had virtually collapsed.

Enter Sheikh A. Turay, an energetic social entrepreneur who spent over 14 years in a U.N. refugee camp. He returned to Liberia only to find destruction, despair, and economic collapse. He committed himself to a seemingly impossible dream with little more than his intellect and energy to help former child soldiers eager to reintegrate into society by employing them to restore abandoned cocoa farms. Sheikh was determined to guide and coach these young adults to become socially and economically responsible citizens and skilled, passionate cocoa farmers. And it takes an enormous amount of aptitude, passion, and commitment to not only revive an economically sustainable industry but also cultivate and market superior cocoa beans recognized for their unique character and quality. Some describe Liberation beans as having distinctive red berry and jasmine notes. Others cherish it for its cocoa spice and banana nut crunch profile.

Today, Liberation Cocoa is a collective of farms committed to economic and social justice and exceptional chocolate. Discover more about our social mission and the experience of our truly liberating chocolate.